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We are Fashion Trend Forecasters, tracking what's trending in the world of fashion

D E T E C T  E M E R G I N G  T R E N D S  E A R L Y

We are the one-stop creative resource dedicated to fashion forecasting and create accurate fashion forecasts that inform, inspire and elevate your thinking.

We cover all product categories with a growing library of highly visual reports.


Translate what's coming, into what's selling

  • Valuable tools that confirm what you're making is going to be commercially viable

  • Guidance to develop products that match future consumer needs

  • A deeper understanding of the key changes in the world of fashion, allowing you to update your strategy and maintain a competitive edge

  • We give you the confidence to approach new and existing customers that you have all the trends covered including updating previous bestsellers


An invaluable source of inspiration

  • Created by industry experts, our trend forecasts are highly visual design tools

  • Specific doses  of information for different product categories

  • A flexible library of individually-priced trend forecasts that you can search and buy what you need, when you need it

  • An affordable online resource that gives fast and easy access to the information you need and let's the images tell the story


Inspiration from concept to hanger

  • We immerse ourselves in all areas of Fashion, connecting trends from catwalks, influencers, street-style, brands and celebrity

  • Covering Womenswear, Menswear, Childrenswear & Accessories Trends

  • We break trends down into key areas of product development including fabric, colour, print, shape and detail

  • Focusing on trend storytelling, less on design dictation, giving edited, visual trend guidance

"In our digital age, information is crucial to drive product, market and brand innovation.

We offer creative solutions and informative fashion trend forecast reports via bespoke services that keep your brand at the forefront of today's fast paced market."

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