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Trend Bites are bite-sized versions of our main seasonal forecasts and allow you to easily select the Mood or Trend that you feel wil be most relevant for your target audience.

Our Trend Bite Womens Dresses forecast for A/W 20.21 details one key look for design development or purchasing -  LADYLIKE.

Reliable and actionable, our forecast details this emerging trend within the Womenswear sectors that will be in demand for the season.


Detailing the main mood: LADYLIKE and containing references, real examples and broken down into further areas for consideration. Identifies Key Moods & Key Messages.


Our Trend forecasts are creative, yet practical tools that anticipate key emerging seasonal market trends, allowing you to stay one step ahead of your clients' needs in an ever-evolving market place.


A small, yet important dose of design inspiration, edited to outline the most represented trends for confident future design development.


Trend Forecast Contents:

  • One Major Emerging Trend
  • Key Mood and Inspiration
  • Catwalk, street and style inspiration images
  • Key Messages
  • Key Details


For the full AW 20.21 DRESSES report see our main TREND SHOP Page

AW20.21 Womens Dresses Trend Bite - Ladylike

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