B E L I E V E   I N   Y O U R S E L F

A B O U T .


Over two decades worth of experience within the luxury and commercial sectors of the fashion industry.

With both her craft as a designer and her curiosity and vision as a fashion forecaster, she has built a reputation for accurate trend prediction and design.

Her unique ability to understand different market and product categories has enabled her to help brands, entrepreneurs, start-ups and designers, identify and launch successful product lines and build authentic brand stories around them.

S T O R Y .


Tiffany Hill offers creative solutions to small businesses and new brands. She gained a First Class Honours Degree in Fashion Design with Marketing, has delivered numerous lectures at University level and has comprehensive experience working with off-shore manufacturers and suppliers.


After 15 years as a senior / management fashion designer, Tiffany decided to focus on helping entrepreneurs and emerging brands find their beginning.

Since 2007, she has run her consultancy business and thrives on being able to help others realise their goals, bring their visions to life and create tomorrow.


Today's frantic pace of life and social ,media overload can make us invest heavily into our external appearance. Tiffany believes that, by investing also, in our inner selves through spiritual paths such as Buddhism, we can achieve a more peaceful, settled mind.


Tiffany loves observing the everyday, curating and collecting and inspiring others. 

“Tiffany is one of the most talented designers I have worked with in both my incarnation as a design director and my present life running a trend site. She seamlessly combines creative vision with commerciality.”

— KARIN ELKORCHI, Design Director

“We commissioned Tiffany to design a clothing range for us at K-b0y- and we couldn't be happier with the results. A great eye for detail and current trends. We would highly recommend her

— STUART GOULD, Director

Freelance Fashion Designer
Fashion Trend Forecaster
Fashion Brand Stylist
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