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Trend Suite FAQ's

All your Trend Suite membership questions answered

Membership plan features

Trend Suite Flexible Membership Plans

✔️ Substantial annual savings when you "subscribe and save", compared to individual forecast prices.

✔️ Affordable annual or monthly payment plans to suit all fashion business budgets.

✔️ Womenswear AND menswear inclusive plans with annual or pay monthly options.

✔️ Convenient 24 hour account access and unlimited repeat downloads.

✔️ Unlimited access to a huge library of inspirational fashion forecasts.

✔️ FREE access to our Trend Suite blog content.

✔️ The essential key trend forecasts that kickstart the development process for all product types.

✔️ Access to new and unique trend insights as we curate and develop more.

Frequently asked questions

What is Trend Suite by Tiffany Hill Studio

Trend Suite is an online membership platform that offers access to fashion trend forecasts that help fashion entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Trend Suite also provides free templates and resources.

How can Trend Suite by Tiffany Hill Studio help my business?

Trend Suite helps your brand or business by showing you the key creative opportunities that will be in demand for the coming seasons. Explore a library of beautifully curated trend books that will ensure you stay one step ahead of the competition and achieve commercial success. Use our directories and resources to streamline your business processes.

How long do I have access to Trend Suite?

When you purchase a membership plan (One Time or Monthly) the duration is for one year exactly from date of purchase. Plans are set to automatically renew after one year, unless you log into your account to cancel after the 12 month minimum term.

Who is Trend Suite Membership for?

Trend Suite is for fashion entrepreneurs, fashion brand owners, independent designers, design studios and global manufacturers within the fashion and textiles industries.

Our entry level plans and Trend Suite Inspire blog area is suitable for fashion students or graduates.

Is Trend Suite Membership affordable?

Very. When compared to the big players in the trend forecasting space who target multi-figure businesses, Trend Suite is exceptionally good value. We believe trend information should be accessible for all brands and designers, regardless of their business budget.

Our Trend Suite annual plan costs the same as coffee per day and we also have several affordable lower entry plans available.

How do I upgrade to a more comprehensive plan from a starter plan?

In order to upgrade from a starter plan to a more comprehensive plan, you will need to firstly cancel your existing plan. You can then rejoin with the new plan. Please get in touch with our team if you have any questions or issues with completing this.

Can I download unlimited books?

Yes, you may download as many reports as you wish and are also welcome to dip into our archive library for previous season's forecasts if you have signed up to our Innovator Elite or Trendsetter plans.

Why is Trend Suite Membership better than on-demand for my brand?

With our on-demand option, you have the freedom to buy the trend books you need, when you need them.

With Trend Suite, you get unlimited access to our past season forecasts, current season and new releases. You can also download any of our free resources including templates and directories. Our annual or monthly plan prices help you save a substantial amount of money over the year and give you regular doses of inspiration.

What format do fashion trend books come in?

All files are formatted as multi-page PDF files and are designed in landscape mode. Some of our editable resources are created in Word or Excel format.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the open access and the value of our extensive library of digital trend books, we are unable to offer any refunds.

What are the payment terms for different plans?

Our subscription plans are for a minimum 12 month term for either a "One Time" single payment for the year or for 12 monthly payments. Should you choose the pay monthly option, there is an additional minimal joining fee added and a minimum term of 12 months before you are able to cancel.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription at the end of your term, please access your account page and request cancellation by clicking the "cancel plan" button. Access will run to the end of the paid month. At the end of the cancellation term, you will no longer be able to access new releases or seasonal trend books.

Is Trend Suite VAT applicable?

No. Currently UK law dictates that digital download products are not applicable for VAT. So there is no extra charge to pricing plans.

However, we may add mini courses and guest speakers to our content in the near future, so we will need to collect VAT then.

In the meantime, your Trend Suite subscription can still be declared through your business as an expense for which we provide a formal invoice.

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