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Get clarity and vision on the 2025 fashion trends that will be the key drivers

Stay ahead of the rest by knowing the key 2025 fashion trends that will transform the fashion industry

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Unlock the future of fashion with Trend Suite

Trend Suite is disrupting the trend industry by making trend information accessible to all.

We provide the clarity and vision you need to create collections with confidence. Our member's platform allows you to navigate our trend experience easily, quickly and confidently, with exclusive access to trend reports and resources every year.

Choose from one of our flexible plans and unlock instant access to our past, current and future season's trend forecasts and much more.

fashion trends 2024, 2025 fashion trends, Fashion trend forecasts, fashion trends 2024, fashion trends 2023, fashion trend forecaster, fashion trends for men and women

2025 Fashion Trends are covered

Trend Suite delivers a steady stream of design inspiration, starting with seasonal macro trend influences, colour, print and pattern and then follows up with product-specific forecasts.

Our memberships are for busy modern creatives, seeking a one-stop solution that delivers reliable fashion insights, season after season.

Our platform is designed by industry experts that have lived and understand the creative process. We take away the overwhelm and time involved in trend research to give you speed and focus.

Heres how...

Innovator Elite

Our Innovator Elite plan isn't just about trend content. Our most popular and best value plan for brands and designers has been designed to give you a 360° view of the seasons and open your mind to new possibilities.

Get validation for the categories you are already doing and a constant stream of new ideas for new product development.

Innovator Elite is for multi-product businesses that need the big picture and unlimited access.


Our Trendsetter plan includes exactly the same features as our Innovator Elite plan but with the added flexibility of spreading the cost over the year.

Trendsetter is designed for multi-product businesses that are looking for design validation and new inspiration, but prefer the flexibility of fixed monthly payments.


Our Insider plan brings you the three key forecasts that will kick start your design development, every season. Included as standard are our Influences, Colour and Print and Pattern books for both women and men, twice yearly.

Request an additional forecast of your choice every other month to benefit from the essential trend information that growing brands and designers need.

Fashion Forward

Our Fashion Forward plan gives you two key foundational forecasts that will kick-start your seasonal planning each season.

Included as standard are our Influences and Colour books for both me and women, twice per year. Request an additional forecast of your choice every quarter.

Fashion Forward is for budding creatives that are new to trend forecasting and need the basics to get started.

Twelve Good Reasons to love our Trend Platform

Save time and money

Access your Trend Suite plan portal without repeat checkouts and enjoy up to 30% savings on the individual costs of our trend books when purchased on-demand.

Unlimited access

Browse and download from your selected plan portal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - wherever you are in the world, across all your electronic devices.

Get the big picture

We curate and present our trend books in a format that delivers our thoughts, colour, pattern and shape directions. We show you how concepts can be translated into actual products.

Get instant Inspiration

We regularly add fresh trend forecasts and directional content to our Trend Suite platform to make sure you stay inspired, are informed and above all, creative.

Stay one step ahead

We give you a deeper understanding of the key changes in the world of fashion. By detecting emerging trends early, you are better placed to remain relevant and maintain a competitive edge.

Reduce risk

Being aware of emerging trends and shifts in consumer behaviour optimises the potential for success. Trend insights ensure financial risks developing the wrong products are avoided.

Reach your customer

Our trend forecasts help you create commercially-driven products that will resonate with your audience. We ensure you plan must-have products that sell.

Plan team strategies

Use our trend insights to communicate your future strategies and content to your team across websites, blogs, social media and email campaigns.

" Become a TREND SUITE member today and get exclusive access to our entire trend forecast library.

Get commercial validation and design inspiration, season after season."

Sample our FREE Essential Guide to the Fashion Creative Process

Inspiration is the first step in creating exciting design that pushes boundaries and attracts consumers' attention.

Our free sample report shows you the key places to find the right inspiration when creating fashion products and why each one is so influential on fashion today.

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Fashion moves fast and it can be hard to keep up

You are a creative professional - a fashion brand owner, independent designer or product developer, which makes you smart, successful and passionate about what you do!

We also know that you are incredibly busy, but still need to innovate. It can be a constant battle to stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace.

Download our mini guide and then unlock access to a huge library of fashion trend forecasts that will bring you unlimited and constant inspiration.

About Tiffany Hill

Tiffany Hill is a fashion trend forecaster, providing established brands, studios and designers with seasonal fashion trend insights.

After enjoying over two decades of success as a fashion designer for major UK retailers, she now delivers trend information in an easy to understand, actionable format.

With her craft and eye for detail as a designer, and her curiosity and vision as a fashion forecaster, she sells digital trend books to over 2000 clients across 40 countries in every corner of the globe.

Tiffany’s specialist blend of design, vision and creative thinking helps fashion brands become the authority within a competitive industry.

She has over 65,000 followers across social media and her insights have been featured in British Heritage and Yorkshire Living magazines as well as on Euronews and other news platforms.

Tiffany understands that fashion moves fast and enables fashion professionals to stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace.

Tiffany lives in West Yorkshire, UK with her husband and beloved pug “Queenie”. She has grown-up twins – a daughter and a son, who are also successful in their chosen fields.

fashion trends 2024, 2025 fashion trends, Fashion trend forecasts, fashion trends 2024, fashion trends 2023, fashion trend forecaster, fashion trends for men and women


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