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F A Q ' S

  • What does Tiffany Hill Studio do?
    Tiffany Hill Studio is a fashion trend platform and resources hub, providing inspirational trend direction and industry expertise to entrepreneurs, fashion brands, manufacturers and designers. We provide access to fashion trend information in two ways. Our individual reports are available to buy and download from our Trend Forecast Library (on demand). We also have a Trend Suite Premium membership that gives unlimited access to previous and current season forecasts and free fashion resources.
  • How do I buy a Trend Book?
    All of our forecasts and resources are available to buy from our Trend Shop library. Simply select the reports that are relevant for your brand. Once purchased, simply download them straight away to your chosen device. Please check your spam folder for download links and note that links expire after 30 days.
  • What are Fashion Trend Books? And how will they help my business?
    We create product specific, ready-to-buy Trend Books and Trend Suite Membership plans. Our books cover all categories including print & pattern, colour, textiles, dresses, tops, swimwear, lingerie, activewear, knitwear, tailoring and loungewear. Our books are designed to be your essential guides to the season. Giving inspiration and guidance on the right colours, prints, shapes and details to incorporate into your design development to ensure your collections succeed.
  • Do you own the images in your Trend Books?
    Tiffany Hill Studio do NOT claim ownership of any images found in our Trend Books. We take an editorial and informative stance on delivering trend information and if you feel something has not been referenced correctly, please let us know and we will correct asap.
  • What do your Trend Books cover?
    We detail in each individual report's product description, the areas that each one covers. Some of our reports are more detailed than others but all detail mood, silhouette, key print and key colours for the season. Check the contents of each pack on the product description page before purchasing to ensure you are happy.
  • Why do you break your Trend Reports down into specific product areas?
    We present our trend direction in great detail because we have learned from experience that this is the best way to deliver key information to you, so that you can develop the best products for your audience. We keep reports specific to product areas so that we can go into more relevant detail that will guide and inspire you.
  • Why are some of your Trend Books priced differently to others?
    Fashion trends change and some seasons, there will be more inspirational direction for a specific product type. This means the product areas with the most innovation will need more detail and therefore a more detailed report. We also price our books according to the season - meaning that future seasonal books will be slightly more expensive.
  • Can you help me if you don't have a report available on the area I need?
    Yes of course! Please get in touch with us if you find that your product area has not been covered by our analysis. We are continually adding to our library of reports, but may take a little time to produce all category-specific forecasts. If you do have a specific request, we also offer a consultancy based reporting service and can work on a range of projects that are tailored to your businesses' needs. Contact us at
  • What payment methods do you accept in your Trend Shop and Trend Suite Membership?
    We accept Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and all major credit and debit cards via our online, secure payment system.
  • Can I see a preview of a Trend Forecast Report?
    Yes! We include various snapshot images in the product description page of each forecast or package, giving you a glimpse of what's included in each report. You can also subscribe to our trend newsletter for which you will find the submission form on our home page. On subscription, you will receive a taster trend report which will give you a good idea on what's included in our full reports.
  • Do I need to pay a monthly or annual subscription charge?
    We offer two ways to buy our trend services. Ready-to-buy means are free to buy the reports you need, when you need them. Choose from our comprehensive library of reports and select the one that will help you most with your product development. We also offer a premium membership option- Trend Suite, with monthly payment plans where you can access all our books, resources and bonus content. Membership plans are priced with up to 30% savings across the year.
  • Am I able to share Trend Reports?
    You may share reports with others within your company ONLY. They are intended for single user use and must NOT be shared outside of your workplace, copied or resold. Please see our detailed T&C's for further details. Terms & Conditions
  • How else can you help us grow our business?
    Check out our Trend Blog page for a wide selection of free articles covering: Starting a new Fashion Business, Trend Forecasting, Trend Reports and Fashion Design. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Linked In and Pinterest for daily posts and inspiration.
  • Is your website safe and secure?
    Purchasing on our site is simple. Buying reports and designs is straightforward and all payments and downloads are completed within the Tiffany Hill Studio platform, so you can rest assured your payment details and personal information are safe.
  • How do I use your Trend Books effectively?
    In the fashion industry, we use trend boards and books to deliver our thoughts , colour, pattern and shape directions, to show how concepts can be translated into actual products. You are encouraged to use our Trend Books as a stepping stone that kicks off your creative projects, with confidence that our reports are accurate.

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