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Autumn Winter 2024/25 Womenswear Fashion Trends

The key design influences for womenswear design for AW24-25

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Surrealism and escapism

An exciting season for womenswear explores the emergence of design that is surreal, innovative and unique, whilst considering the importance of timeless staples.

Our essential trend book uncovers the 3 key overarching trend drivers, and 9 micro stories that will push women's design forward. It delivers a thoughtful and considered approach to apply to your development, helping you resonate with today's changing consumer.

This 53 page guide highlights the three creative opportunities that will bring commercial success for your brand by ensuring your audience stops and takes notice.

AW24-25 Influences Trend Book - women:

  • A detailed overview of the three key macro trends that will impact consumer buying habits

  • A detailed view of the nine key micro trend stories to develop for the season

  • Curated street, catwalk and style inspiration images

  • Visually stunning mood boards and research material to spark your imagination

  • Your investment to kick start the new season with confidence

Fashion Forecasting, Fashion forecaster, fashion designer, freelance fashion designer, Tiffany Hill Studio

Tiffany Hill Studio's specialist blend of design, vision and creative thinking helps fashion brands and independent designers become the authority within their industry. We predict the trends of tomorrow so that you can design and plan commercially focused collections today.

We help fashion brands excite their audiences and refresh their offerings with accessible, accurate and actionable trend books that ensure commercial success.

We make trend information accessible and affordable.

We prepare forecasts for new startup brands, fashion designers and online retailers, giving validation that you are developing or buying the right products, at the right time.

" Become a TREND SUITE member today and get exclusive access to our trend forecast library.

Get commercial validation and design inspiration, season after season."

Get a free AW24-25 Mini version of our Fashion Trend book

Gain free instant insights into the future fashion trends for Autumn Winter 24-25. Get our free digital trend book and learn how the emerging seasonal trends will influence design development and how they will affect the key product categories in the womenswear space.

AW24-25 sample Trend Book explores how surrealism is emerging as a key influence as consumers desire more escapism.

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Over two decades worth of experience within the luxury and commercial sectors of the fashion industry has given Tiffany the know-how you need for your brand.

With both her craft as a freelance fashion designer and curiosity and vision as a forecaster, she has built a reputation for accurate trend prediction and design development.


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