An important tool for any designer or fashion brand, a Fashion Trend Report gives an insight into the styles, colours and materials that are likely to be popular in the future.

Based on past trends, consumer activity and current events, it is a reliable way to ensure emerging brands are able to stay ahead of the game and know what to develop next.

So, what exactly can we expect to find in a Fashion Trend Report?


A Fashion Trend Report will vary from season to season, but generally, you can always expect to find information on key silhouettes, colour direction, materials, details, patterns and prints. There may be several different themes within each section, depending on the variety of influences and depth of research conducted.

These reports will often be accompanied by samples from the biggest catwalk shows at London, Paris, Milan and New York. Sometimes, fashion can be inspired by international events, for example, when the Olympic Games were held in South Korea, there was a definite influence in sportswear for the corresponding season. This would have been flagged up in a Fashion Trend Report so that designers would have known what to include in their mood boards or design plans.

Equally, an international inclination towards sustainability and less wasteful methods of manufacturing might be included in the report. This would give designers the opportunity to adapt their processes to better appease their audience and give them a powerful angle for marketing.


While the report will offer key information with regards to the fashion industry, it is up to the individual designer to decide how to use it. They may not feel an affinity with every trend mentioned or may decide that some trends do not suit the ethos of their brand.

Some trends will definitely make more of an impact to a brand than others, so designers can pick and choose the silhouettes, colours, patterns and materials that best echo the message that they are trying to convey with their collection.

Since the report will be accompanied with swatches and images, some designers might choose to look at the trends from a different angle. They might pick up on potential trends that are not covered in the report but are apparent in the images. While this is a risky option for designers to take, as those might not be the influences that become popular, it can also really pay off, giving the brand a unique vision in a competitive marketplace.

Fashion Trend Reports can be generalized or created based on a specific target market on behalf of a brand, so no two reports will ever be the same.

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